YooA’s Short Skirt Leaves Fans Shocked Speechless

OH MY GIRL‘s YooA looks gorgeous no matter what she wears and this sexy little pink dress has her looking like she’s just stepped straight out from a dream.

Dressed from head to toe in a mixture of baby pink and white, YooA looked the essence of angelic in this fairytale like outfit.

The short pleated dress was tied in at the waist, enabling YooA to show off her incredible figure.

Paired with cute bows and buttons all over, she really does look like something from a fairytale.

Check out how gorgeous she looked!

She managed to looked adorable and sexy at the same time!
Doesn’t she look angelic?
The outfit enabled her to express her cheerful and sweet nature!
It’s hard not to pay attention to her!
What a beauty!
It’s no wonder that fans are going crazy for her!

Doesn’t she just look incredible?

Check out this video of her performance in this outfit!