Yoochun Under Fire For Receiving Gift From Fan…And Immediately Throwing It Away

JYJ‘s Yoochun is under fire for telling his manager to throw away a gift given to him by a fan.

A video of JYJ’s Yoochun during a fan signing event in 2014 just recently surfaced, with the original poster claiming the video showed a glimpse into Yoochun’s real personality.

After he finished signing a fan’s album, the fan gave Yoochun a badge that she made herself as a gift. Upon receiving it, Yoochun asks “What is this?” while studying it for a while, then leans back to mouth the word “boryeo (버려)” which translates to “throw it away“.

Yoochun received a lot of criticism as viewers were shocked to see how rudely Yoochun handled a fan’s gift, and for not appreciating the hard work she put in it to make it for him. He was also criticized for how he carelessly mouthed the words in a public place directly in front of his fans.

The full clip can be seen below.