Yook Sungjae Revealed to Be a Silver Spoon Idol with a Very Wealthy Father

Yook Sungjae’s grandmother is wealthy, too.

On a recent episode of Mnet’s TMI News, BtoB‘s Yook Sungjae was revealed to be a silver spoon idol with a very wealthy father.

According to TMI News, Yook Sungjae’s father is a successful businessman of a semiconductor company, which is worth around 15 billion won (~$13 million USD).

And that’s not all. Yook Sungjae’s grandmother is the owner of fishing grounds that span 5000 pyeong (~20,000 yards).

In the past, Yook Sungjae shared photos of his family looking well-off and happy.

Fans who learned this responded with comments such as “So his wealthy character in ‘Goblin’ was true” and “He definitely gives off the wealthy vibe“.

Source: Insight