Yoon Jisung Reveals How Being In a Group Is Different From Being A Soloist

There are pros and cons!

Former Wanna One member Yoon Jisung recently appeared on the latest DIVE Studios‘ K-Pop Daebak with Eric Nam episode. During the show, host Eric Nam asked Jisung what some of the differences were between being in a group and being a soloist.

Even though Jisung thought about rooming arrangements, he realized that there was something more important!

I realized I relied on my members quite a bit. It’s not like I was clinging to them 24/7, but I realized that I really fed off the energy of my friends being around.

— Yoon Jisung

With 11 members in Wanna One, the feeling on stage also feels very different. However, being a solo artist has meant that he has more creative freedom with his material.

The concept, my hair, and the type of music on my album, I talk directly to our directors and our sponsors for my music.

— Yoon Jisung

Even with this, Jisung still says that there are some disadvantages to performing and recording by himself.

The con is doing all this work by myself. All this stress is killing me!

— Yoon Jisung

You can watch the whole episode below!

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