Yoon Jisung’s Sister Is So Stunningly Gorgeous, She Could Be An Idol

Good looks run in this family.

There’s no doubt that Yoon Jisung won the genetic lottery, but good looks seem to run in his family.

Yoon Jisung with his sister (left) and mother (right).


This visual queen is Yoon Jisung’s younger sister, Yoon Seulgi. Her looks are so striking that she could easily be mistaken for a girl group member…


…an actress…


…or a model.


In fact, some fans are already stanning her!


Fans were introduced to Yoon Seulgi during Yoon Jisung’s Produce 101 days.


When Yoon Jisung called his sister to ask how her birthday was, he wasn’t expecting her to answer the phone like his fangirl. She embarrassed him by introducing herself as the younger sister of the celebrity Yoon Jisung…


…and continued to speak in an overly enthusiastic voice, embarrassing him further. When Yoon Jisung ended the call he fell to the floor, defeated.


Yoon Jisung also called his sister to tell her about his upcoming driving test but, once again, the phone call didn’t go as planned.


Yoon Seulgi sassily teased her brother by pretending not to care about his news, but she switched to her sugar-sweet “TV voice” once she realized the call was part of a broadcast.


Fans fell in love with the Yoon siblings’ totally relatable interactions. They also loved how much Yoon Seulgi supported her famous brother.


To promote Yoon Jisung on Produce 101, Yoon Seulgi created an Instagram account for him, which she managed. After Yoon Jisung officially debuted, the account was deleted.


Yoon Seulgi used to have a public personal Instagram account, to which she uploaded beautiful selfies…


…and sweet family photos.


Sadly, Yoon Seulgi deleted her original Instagram account, allegedly as a result of netizens’ negative comments and harassment.


Even so, fans are hoping to see more from this beautiful (and witty) Yoon sibling soon!