Yoona Cooked For Taeyeon And It Looks More Like A Masterpiece Than Food

Yoona is good at cooking and even better at presenting!

Yoona has shown off her cooking skills multiple instances on Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. But when Taeyeon uploaded a picture of Yoona’s signature dish, the mille-feuille nabe, the internet finally realized Yoona is a real artist-chef.


In Taeyeon’s latest Instagram update, she shared that she got to taste Yoona’s #1 dish.

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“Yoona made me the nabe dish! First time in a few months that I had such a fulfilling meal. I am so blessed!” — Taeyeon


Yoona reacted by commenting on Taeyeon’s post. These two Girls’ Generation members have such an adorable friendship!

yoona__lim “I should visit more often, since you love my food so much. What should I cook for you next? ㅋㅋㅋ”
taeyeon_ss “Everything you cooked on the show ><“


Mille-feuille nabe, also known as the thousand leaves hot pot, is a popular dish originating from Japan. Using napa cabbage, perilla leaves and beef slices gives it a Korean twist, and it’s all served in a dashi broth. Here’s Yoona’s recipe, as featured on Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast.

First, stack the napa cabbage and perilla leaves. Be sure to wash the vegetables thoroughly prior to preparing!


Then, stack the thin-sliced shabu-shabu beef and vegetables of choice on top of the perilla leaves.


If you’d like to go fancy, add in decorative mushrooms! Then add the dashi broth to fill the pot.


Bring to a boil on a stove and dig in while it’s steaming hot!


What will Yoona cook for Taeyeon next? Stay tuned for Yoona’s next cooking adventures!

Source: JTBC Entertainment