Yoona and D.O.’s plan was caught on camera during Kim Yoo Jung’s speech

Yoona, D.O., and Park Bo Gum were caught adorably shuffling their way off screen during Kim Yoo Jung’s speech.

Last night at the 53rd Baeksang Art Awards Girl’s Generation‘s Yoona, EXO’s D.O. were announced as the recipients of the Star Century Popularity Award for Movies, while Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung were recipients of the Star Century Popularity Award for TV.

The quartet made their way up to the stage together to receive their individual awards and give their acceptance speech to the audience.

Each of the recipient’s speech went well with the sole attention being focused on them. However, when it came to Kim Yoo Jung’s turn the other stars were caught in the background, attracting the attention away from her speech.

Kim Yoo Jung started her acceptance speech for receiving the Star Century Popularity Award

Yoona and D.O. made quick eye contact before unanimously deciding the best course of action to keep the spotlight on Kim Yoo Jung.

The trio (Yoona, D.O., and Park Bo Gum) tried to inconspicuously shuffle to the side of the stage in order to give Kim Yoo Jung her time to shine.