Yoona Put the Plastic Surgery Suspicions to Rest with Her All-Natural Visuals at Recent Chanel Event

Yoona didn’t need words to dismiss the baseless rumors.

SNSD‘s Yoona was recently accused of having undergone surgery by netizens following her appearance on the show, My Little Old Boy.

Well, it looks like that those suspicions will be put to rest because Yoona was seen at the recent Chanel event looking as natural as she’s always looked.

At this event, Yoona appeared in a pink tweed jacket and a matching Chanel bag and truly lit up the room with her beauty.

With a simple straight hairstyle and elegant earrings, she gave off a very classy and luxurious vibe.

In response to the online criticism claiming Yoona’s appearance changed from before, she didn’t hesitate to show off her natural and doll-like appearance and dismiss the baseless rumors.

Her beautiful big eyes and natural facial features were captured right on camera making it hard to deny that Yoona is the same stunning beauty she’s always been, and it’s admirable that Yoona was able to dismiss those rumors without having to use any words.

Check out a few more photos of her natural beauty below: