Yoona Reveals Which Member Changed The Most Since Their Debut

As Girls’ Generation celebrate their 10th anniversary, Yoona sat down with WKorea to talk about which member has changed the most since the group debuted a decade ago.

She explained that of all the members, Seohyun, the group’s maknae has grown and changed the most. 

“Our maknae Seohyun changed to most in terms of personality. She used to be very shy, but she’s become more outgoing.”

— Yoona

Seohyun’s personality has totally changed over the 10 years the group has spent together.

“She now has the personality to approach others first. It was possible through her own effort, as well as the members’ influence.” 

— Yoona

Having followed the group for so long, it’s easy to miss just how much Seohyun has changed.

Source: WKorea

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