You’ll Never Believe The True Age Of This Japanese Girl Group Member

Nagasawa Marina is a member of the group Hokago Princess.  She has become well known for her baby-doll facial features. Her large and expressive eyes give a puppy-like effect that could charm anyone.

It is not uncommon for Marina to be mistaken for being much younger than she is but the cute singer is 22-years-old this year. Though she may have a baby face she is a mature and talented singer!

With an adorable face and charismatic personality, she has been able to attract a large following. She has won a number of competitions for showing off her contrasting physique and aura including the Miss ID 2016 competition.

Many cannot get over the drastic difference between her image and her age. It seems Marina is certainly an anomaly.

Check out more pictures of the baby-faced idol below!

Source: Ameblo, Dispatch