You’ll Never Catch BTS’s “Worldwide Handsome” Jin Slipping

He has a hilarious talent that just can’t be taught.

For BTS‘s Jin, “Worldwide Handsome” isn’t just a nickname. It’s a lifestyle.

As ARMYs say, you’ll never catch Jin slipping. From his visuals to his skills, everything Jin does is on point at all times. When Jungkook tried to block Jin’s face, Jin’s handsomeness still made it into the photo.

Blurry backgrounds can’t impede his visuals either.

When Ashton Kutcher yanked back this curtain, Model Jin was on duty (seconds before he was carried away like a sack of potatoes).

In the midst of being manhandled, Jin covered his face with a photo of his face. He’d taken it in James Corden‘s photobooth while waiting to be captured!

Let’s not forget every single time Jin switched his expression as soon as he realized he was on camera at award shows.

Even the wind can’t blow his handsomeness away!

Jin’s inability to slip even applies to actual slipping. When he tripped up a step, he played it off by saying that he’d just done a b-boying move!

There’s no such thing as a “mistake” for Jin on stage either. Anyone who’s hearing “ON” for the first time wouldn’t notice these mixed up lyrics. With this blunder-less blunder, Jin proves (for the zillionth time) that BTS absolutely does not lipsync. Ddaeng!

How does he do it? Nobody knows, but let’s hope he’ll reveal his secrets someday!