YouTuber’s Impressions Of K-Drama “Penthouse” Characters That Are So Similar It’s Scary

She’s spot-on with these impressions!

YouTuber LilySeeun has received much attention for her recent video doing impressions of different characters from the popular SBS K-Drama Penthouse.

In this short clip, she compiles a series of impressions of the characters Chun Seojin, Na Ae Gyo, Ha Eun Byul, Kang Mari, and Joo Suk Kyung.

She starts off with Chun Seo Jin’s impressions and shocks viewers from the get-go with her amazing synchronicity.

| LilySeeun/YouTube

Fans couldn’t believe how well she could mimic Na Ae Gyo’s tone as well.

| LilySeeun/YouTube

She continued with Ha Eun Byul…

| LilySeeun/YouTube

…Kang Mari…

| LilySeeun/YouTube

…and Joo Suk Kyung!

| LilySeeun/YouTube

Fans praised her for catching each characters’ specific tone and style of voice. She even dressed up in similar clothing and made similar facial expressions to make her impressions even more real.

Viewers continued to be shocked throughout the entire 2 minute and 36 second clip as she quickly ran through all the character impressions.

Netizens could not hide how shook they were about the video.

  • “I was listening to the video while reading comments and I thought they turned on the drama listening to the voices.”
  • “I have goosebumps because her impressions of Na Ae Gyo and Joo Suk Kyung were so similar.”
  • “Na Ae Gyo’s impression was so similar! She did the best job out of all the ‘Penthouse’ impressions I’ve seen on YouTube.”
  • “She’s so good at copying that signature sound that Chun Seo Jin has when she speaks.”

YouTuber LilySeeuen is a popular YouTuber with over 433K subscribers who posts impression videos from popular dramas and shows.

Watch all the impressions below!

Source: insight