YouTuber “Korean Englishman” Launches A Korean Product That is Now A Big Hit

Even BTS’s Jin used this product!

YouTube Channel Korean Englishman has launched Picky Wicky, a canned kimchi product that is now so popular it was even used by BTS‘s Jin in one  In The SOOP Season Two Episodes.

| In The SOOP 

Korean Englishman has garnered 5.35 million followers in its nine years of dishing out content about Korean Food being sampled for the first time by the British. Korean Food evangelist Josh Darrell Carat hosts the channel and has been seen with British school boys or athletes trying various Korean food for the first time, always with highly positive feedback on the food.

The channel has become so popular that it managed to guest celebrities as part of its content to try Korean food. The Avengers episode views reached 27 million.

(Left to Right) Avengers: Infinity Wars cast Tom Holland, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and Pom Klementieff are with Josh Carat in a Korean Englishman episode. | Korean Englishman/YouTube 

Another famous episode is when Tottenham‘s best football players, Son Heung Min and Eric Dyer, were featured on the show eating Korean beef sirloin wrapped in lettuce. This episode racked up 11 million views.

Tottenham’s Son Heung Min and Eric Dyer | Korean Englishman/YouTube 

The Kit ably supports Josh to help produce his videos. The Kit is composed of CEOs Ko Ji Hyeon and Park Young Hoon, who partnered with Josh to present Korean food to the world through the eyes of an Englishman. Josh was perfect for the job with his knowledge of Korean food, acquired from his exposure to Korean culture and Korean friends he met when he studied in an international school in Qingdao, China, for six years.

CEO Ko participated as a founding member of DIA TV of CJ ENM in 2012, and CEO Park has experience working as a public official to promote Korean culture. CEO Park thought food was the best topic to reach people all over the world because, with food, there was no language barrier.

From Left: The Kit’s co-CEO Young Hoon Park, YouTuber Josh Darrell Carat, and The Kit co-CEO Ko Ji Hyeon, in an interview with the Korea Economic Daily. | Lim Lim/Hankyung Digital Lab

With all the success behind Korean Englishman, Josh and The Kit have now branched out to distributing food and came up with Picky Wicky as their first product. The canned kimchi product is now available through Amazon and Walmart and has been highly successful.

| @pkwk_official/Twitter

It wasn’t all success for the team, though. Josh ran the Korean Englishman channel while traveling between Korea and England but faced hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic soon became an opportunity. Numerous Korean product companies sought him out with requests to make videos in England featuring their products.

Fans of the channel got so interested in Korean Food that they wanted to buy food from an actual store in the UK. Amid the pandemic, they opened a Korean-style street toast pop-up and a toast restaurant in 2021, using Picky Wicky and other Korean products as ingredients. The “Street Toast Popup” and the “Toast Restaurant” were huge successes.

| Korean Englishman

Josh promises there is more to come.

The potential of K-food is enormous. Various surveys asked, ‘Which country would you like to visit after the pandemic?’ Korea has always been overwhelmingly first on the list. [Did you say] English Man is a long-running channel? We are just getting started.

— Josh Darell Carat, Korean Englishman

Source: A YouTuber who was filming a mukbang with Son Heung-min… As soon as I made 'Can Kimchi', it was a hit.