YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials Dives Into K-Beauty With This BLACKPINK Inspired Look

She absolutely nailed this Jennie look.

Nikkie Tutorials is a beauty YouTuber with 11 million followers who is known for her amazing full-coverage, heavy makeup looks. In her latest video she took up the challenge of doing a softer, more “K-Beauty” look by way of recreating one of BLACKPINK Jennie‘s looks from “Kill This Love”.

She starts the video with a friendly “안녕!” (annyeong!), or “hi!”, in Korean. After explaining who BLACKPINK are for those under a ro- er, those who may not have heard of them, she goes right into the makeup look.

As mentioned before, Nikkie is known for loving her coverage, so watching her recreate the viral Korean “glass skin” look with full-coverage foundation and makeup rather than with little-to-no-coverage foundation and skincare is quite fascinating.

Once she’s completed her base makeup she goes straight into the eyes, flawlessly recreating Jennie’s iconic look.

With the eyes and complexion makeup out of the way, then it was time for lips. Instead of a light lip balm and a rosy lip tint, Nikkie recreated the gradient K-Beauty look with two liquid lipsticks very precisely placed.

To finish the look off and to further her “glass skin” look she added a setting spray that really upped the dewy K-Beauty feel of the overall look.

Her subscribers were stunned by the tutorial, and also found their fellow BLINKs in the comment section.

Watch Nikkie slay this BLACKPINK look in the full video below: