YouTuber Poses As BTS Member…. Fools Everyone In Seattle, Washington 

Would you have fallen for the prank too?

It’s a once in a lifetime moment to meet a K-Pop idol out in public abroad. But fans were in for a rude awakening after realizing that they have just been part of a prank!


 Kai Watson is dedicated on making his followers laugh with vlogs, troll clips, and pranks. He decided to parade a fake BTS member (complete with security staff and paparazzi) in the streets of Seattle!


Kai had everything in place from the security team, well-dressed (and covered) BTS member, and fake paparazzi.


And everyone fell for it!


Innocent victims immediately asked for photos and even posed with finger hearts as soon as they realized it was a “BTS member”.


Even fellow Koreans were tricked!


Comments for the clip ranged from hilarity to sympathy for those victimised by the prank. They left comments such as, “great idea for a video, I feel bad for the fans,” “the struggles of an international army,” “I love how they don’t even know who it is and take pics” and more.


Check out the video below!