Popular YouTuber Responds To Negative Messages From BTS Fans About Her V Transformation Video

Promise Phan is less than happy towards the response she received from BTS fans after she transformed into BTS’s V and Jimin with makeup.

The famous YouTuber Promise Phan is well-known for her incredible transformations into various celebrities and cartoon characters with make up.

Recently, she transformed into BTS’s V and Jimin, but according to a video on her Instagram story, ARMYs are anything but happy at the transformation.

In the video, Promise Phan scrolled through the mentions she received on Twitter and expressed how disgusted she was at the negativity.

Promise says she’s disgusted at the negative reactions of some BTS fans.

Some fans went so far as to say “F**k Off,” as well as “For the love of God, please stop” and even “The utter disrespect.” Upon seeing these responses, Promise Phan took to Twitter and wrote:

Since attending the recent BTS concert in Anaheim with her sister-in-law Michelle Phan, Promise became a huge ARMY. She had taken in the interest of wanting to transform into every member, but it seems unlikely she will do it in the near future after receiving hate.

Check out the video that is now private below: