Here’s Why BTS’s J-Hope Is Bound To Succeed In Anything He Does

Former JYP audition contestant reveals his best memories of J-Hope.

A YouTuber revealed his story about the time he auditioned for JYP Entertainment. He talked about his experience at the auditions and practicing with BTS‘s J-Hope.





I applied for this audition and was able to make it into the final rounds. There were many idols that made it to this round including TWICE’s Jeongyeon, BTS’s J-Hope, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae and more. When you make it into the final round, you are to practice together for about a month in teams and prepare for the final round performance.





He had the opportunity to practice with J-Hope because they were on the same team for the final round. The reason why he is revealing this story to the public now is because although everyone knows how great of a person he is, there are not many people that may have had the chance to live and work with him. He wanted to let people know J-Hope’s true side.





The first time he met J-Hope, he was in middle school. He was 15 at the time but his dancing skills were far more advanced than a 15 year old. Another thing he remembers the most was J-Hope’s personality. Even at such a young age he was very respectful and passionate about dancing and seemed to work his hardest in everything he did. “Because I knew what type of person he was, I was truly happy when I saw how successful he had become.:





One of the most memorable episodes he had while dancing with J-Hope was when JYP held their audition during the winter time. J-Hope was caught between attending his middle school graduation or staying in Seoul to practice more. To his surprise, J-Hope didn’t even think twice about it and stayed to practice. It isn’t an easy decision for a middle school student to make because usually kids around that age enjoy meeting and playing with friends more than practicing. He was about two years older than J-Hope and seeing him make that decision without any hesitation gave him motivation.






I was very touched even after the auditions because after we both were eliminated from the auditions, J-Hope went into Big Hit while I went back to practicing at a dance academy. It may not seem like a big deal but he messaged me often to ask how I was doing and to wish me well during the holidays. This meant a lot to me because at that time I had felt like a failure after the auditions and was feeling inferior. Seeing someone who became well-off still take the time to message me truly touched my heart.






He felt that J-Hope’s great personality showed just how much he deserved to be successful. He also thanked J-Hope for a great memory and experience.







Watch the full video below:


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