A Crazy Talented YouTuber Sculpted BTS With Clay & It’s Hard To Believe It’s Not Photoshopped

How can anyone be so talented?!

You always knew ARMYs were creative and talented, but this YouTuber’s crazy-accurate sculptures of BTS’s RM and V take things to the next level.

On March 19, South Korean YouTube creator ATMUMAN uploaded a video entitled Sculpting BTS RM, and from the thumbnail, you’d be forgiven for thinking the model was photoshopped.

But make no mistake, this is a real handmade creation that somehow looks exactly like RM himself.

ATMUMAN took viewers through the step-by-step process of recreating RM in clay. They used just 7 basic clay sculpting tools and their own hands to make it. It’s almost impossible to believe this ball of clay could become RM’s head, but ATMUMAN’s talent knows no bounds.

First, the sculptor painstakingly carved out RM’s features.

Next, they used a drill as a makeshift pottery wheel to create a pillar for the RM bust to sit on.

Finally, ATMUMAN hand-painted the sculpture until it looked exactly like BTS’s leader.

The sculptor even added a tiny AirPod so sculpted-RM can listen to his favorite songs.

The miniature bust was so impressive, even the official YouTube Twitter account couldn’t help but promote it. In less than a month, it’s already reached over 4 million views.

And this isn’t ATMUMAN’s first attempt at recreating BTS in clay. The artist also made a stunning sculpture of V back in November 2019, then molded golden versions of it.

See the unbelievable sculpting process for yourself here!