The YouTuber That Spent Hundreds On Makeup In An Attempt To Look Like LE SSERAFIM’s Sakura

Do you think it matches?

Korean beauty YouTuber Calary Girl shared her makeover experience with beauty salon, ALUU. In particular, she got her makeup done by the makeup artist Haemin, who is famous for being in charge of the makeup for many idols such as IZ*ONE and (G)I-DLE. Calary Girl specifically wanted to try out Miyawaki Sakura’s makeup look due to hot requests from her viewers.

Hold onto your hearts as we’ll start by sharing the basics, the price of course! ALUU is a premium beauty shop that caters to celebrities, so naturally, it doesn’t come cheap. Makeup starts from ₩220,000 KRW (about $164 USD), and it doesn’t even include your hair. The price can go up depending on the occasion and look.


Haemin started off with a detailed layer of base. A brush helps you to spread the foundation more thinly, so that you can continue to layer as many layers as necessary to achieve a flawless look.

After small blemishes were concealed with a brush and concealer, Haemin applied a loose powder to the outer edges of the face. This reduces shine, a key point of idol makeup due to strong stage lights. It also helps blend out any harsh lines in contouring.

With contouring, more is more! Haemin advises you to pile it on if you are going for the idol look, for the stage lights will wash you out easily. You can add bronzer to the bottom of the tip of the nose for a more lifted look.

Eyebrows will be filled in to match your hair color. In the case of bleached or colored hair, makeup artists often use colored eyebrow powder or mascara to achieve a matching look.

For Sakura’s makeup, she keeps the base eyeshadow color neutral, focusing on light peaches and pinks.

Add a little highlight on the nose bridge and you’re just about done with setting up a good canvas for the more detailed parts of the makeup.

Creating aegyo-sal or puffy bags beneath the eye is a great trick to make your eyes look bigger. She advises you to draw them in with a brown shadow if you do not have them naturally.

Long eyelashes are a staple in idol makeup. Look at the collection she stocks in the salon!

After applying individual lashes, Haemin applies mascara thoroughly then goes in with a tweezer to group the lashes into clumps. This makes the lashes stand out like a doll’s. Follow up with a heated wooden stick to fix the curl.

After you apply the blush of your choice, Haemin advises using a concealer to lightly highlight the cheeks and to tone down the blush at the same time.

Finish off with lip makeup and you’re done!

The final result is an uncanny resemblance to Sakura herself! Of course, the hair styling and makeup colors play a huge part.

Check out how Sakura rocked a similar hair color and makeup.

Make sure you catch the full video below to learn all her makeup tips and tricks.