If You’ve Never Seen Idols Dance From Above, Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Now

Watching idol groups’ perform from above gives the choreography a whole new meaning.

Fans have discovered a perk to watching their idols perform from above: their formations.

They noticed this after a fan cam of Super Junior taken from above resurfaced.

Viewers of fan cams such as this one were amazed at how neat their formations were.

They even noted how intricately the idol groups’ formation changes are.

A key point brought up was the fact that these angles only looked good for groups with a lot of members.

It even seems like viewing choreography from this angle has become a trend lately.

Many recent music videos have shots of the choreography from above to showcase the amazing formations as well.

This could definitely be a good consolation for people who may have only been able to get those seats at concerts.