You’ve Seen Actor Jung Sung Il Act In “The Glory” — But Have You Seen Him Sexy Dance?

From “sexy daddy” to sexy dancing—watch and be amazed.

The popularity of Netflix‘s The Glory is not going anywhere as fans watch clips of scenes in English dubbing and continue to use Park Yeon Jin’s name anywhere and everywhere. Actor Jung Sung Il‘s popularity continues to thrive as fans simp over the “daddy of the year.”

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Jung Sung Il won over viewers with his exceptional performance as Ha Do Young in The Glory, perfectly portraying the silent but powerful husband who discovers the dark past of his wife, Park Yeon Jin. Both Ha Do Young and the actor who played him were loved by many, and despite having 20 years of experience, it looks like Jung Sung Il’s acting career is only just beginning.

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As his first production after The Glory, Jung Sung Il is not in another K-Drama or film, but a musical. He is currently starring in the musical Interview, in the role of Eugene Kim.

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In the musical Interviewwhich started on March 4 and will run until May 28, fans have the opportunity to see Jung Sung Il up close on the live stage. In his performance, not only does he showcase his acting skills but a skill that was never shown in The Glory—his singing skills.  

In a rehearsal video for Interview, Jung Sung Il shows us he is not only a phenomenal actor on the big screen, but that he is also an excellent musical actor on the live stage. His previous experiences in musicals such as Mio Fratello, Get Off Of Work At 6, and many more have made him an expert who is able to capture the attention of a live audience.

Previous clips of him performing in musicals show his dancing skills as well. His performance in Mio Fratello shows him singing a song called “Manhattan’s Romeo and Juliet”—and along with his singing are some sexy dance moves.

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Netizens commented on his performance expressing their surprise at the actor’s many talents and sexiness.

  • “I’ve fallen deep into Ha Do Young’s aura. Stop saying he looks like Yoo Jae Suk, if that’s the case, then I look like Song Hye Kyo”
  • “Wow… I’ve fallen for Ha Do Young and I can’t get up ^^ I need to go see him in a musical”
  • “Korea’s Tony Leung Chiu Wai~ Handsome, good at acting, and has a good voice”
  • “He even sings well”
  • “Wow he’s so cool… He’s so good at acting… If he does a musical, I want to watch in person.”
  • “Wow… So sexy….”
  • “Is his primary job a musical actor?”
  • “Whoa… Ha Do Young? Did you always have this many charms? WOW~~~~~”

Jung Sung Il is an actor who has proved through his 20 years of experience that he is more than just a “hot daddy.” His duality as an actor and his range as a performer is impressive, and fans can’t help but be excited about what kind of production this actor will do next!

Watch the full video of his sexy song and dance in Mio Fratello from 2022 here.

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