Yubin Reveals Her Ambition To Sign All The Wonder Girls Members To Her Own Label

Two members down, four to go!

In an interview with The Korea Herald, CEO and former Wonder Girls member Yubin revealed she has a big goal for her new company, rrr Entertainment: to sign all her old members to the label.

Yubin only launched rrr Entertainment in February this year, but she already has a new single—“Me Time”, which reflects her feelings about leaving JYP Entertainment.

While many fans wondered if Yubin left the company due to poor management, it seems this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, Yubin says she left JYP Entertainment because she was getting too comfortable after being in the same place for so long.

Plus, J. Y. Park himself was super supportive of Yubin’s new journey. To thank him, Yubin gave him a shoutout in the lyrics of “Me Time”, and even expressed her gratitude for the organic food in the company’s cafeteria.

He, along with other staff of the company, gave me a lot of advice on how to launch my firm, set up a whole system and so on.

— Yubin

Of course, before Yubin was a soloist under JYP Entertainment, she was part of the legendary second-generation girl group Wonder Girls. Even if you weren’t around for their retro concept glory days, you may have heard of some of the other members: Sunmi, Ha:tfelt, Sunye, Sohee, and Hyerim.

Yubin says that as a CEO, her goal is to turn rrr Entertainment into the perfect environment for singers, actors, and even YouTube influences. And now, she wants all her former Wonder Girls members to be a part of that.

This isn’t the first time Yubin has alluded to her dream of reuniting the group, but now her goal seems closer than ever. Hyerim already became the first Wonder Girls member to sign with rrr Entertainment back in March 2020.

And it looks like the next potential member to join the team could be Ha:tfelt.

I’ve been getting some texts from Yeeun [Ha:tfelt] these days.

— Yubin

Of course, Yubin knows her dream of signing all the members might not come true for a while given that they all have contracts with their own labels.

Of course, it would be great to have Sunmi too, but I don’t want to be disrespectful because they’re currently in different labels. They’ are welcome here any time though.

— Yubin

But even if they can’t join rrr Entertainment, Yubin would still love a chance to relive their Wonder Girls days with a collab song or stage.

Even doing a collaboration or forming a project group sounds fantastic.

— Yubin

For Yubin, becoming a CEO has been a real eye-opener. When she was under JYP Entertainment, she had no idea just how much work goes into preparing a comeback.

I am amazed how sheltered I had been as I belatedly realize so many decisions and people are involved for a single performance to take place or an album release.

— Yubin

But even though it’s a tireless road with little time for sleep, Yubin couldn’t be happier about her decision to open her own company.

J. Y. Park told me that a pathway to happiness is also a pathway of difficulties. Indeed it is hard, but I am enjoying every moment of it.

— Yubin

Source: The Korea Herald