Yubin Reveals The Kind Of Clothing She Always Is Cautious Of Buying

She learned from experience what not to wear.

In 1st Look‘s segment, Please Take Care Of My Wardrobe, Yubin answered several intriguing questions regarding fashion and her own personal style! One question Yubin answered asked what she doesn’t like when it comes to clothing.

The charming stylist conducting the interview, Lee Dong Yeon, asked Yubin what she didn’t favor in terms of fashion. Yubin shared she tried to avoid clothing with wording on it.

Q: Something you don’t like to wear?

When the text print…When the text printed on the cloth is incomprehensible, I don’t wear it.

— Yubin

Yubin further explained that if she does wish to wear clothing with text on it, she will always look up the meaning behind the words.

If there’s something written, I check the meaning before buying.


Of course, Lee Dong Yeon followed Yubin’s reply with another question that asked whether there was ever an incident that made her start being conscious of text on clothing. Yubin admitted that an incident did occur a long time ago.

Q: Is there a story behind this?

Actually a long time ago my friend wore a piece of clothing with English words on it, and it was a slang that is inadmissible on broadcasts. Something that’ll make people say, ‘What’s up with her?’ She wore that very confidently around the street. I felt embarrassed to be around. So I pay attention to the lettering.

— Yubin

Yubin further revealed that the incident traumatized her and is why she is very careful when it comes to purchasing clothing with text on it.

Check out the interview below: