Yulhee Urges Friends to Get Married Late or Never Marry at All Right in Front of Her Husband, Choi Minhwan

Yulhee and F.T. Island’s Choi Minhwan got married back in 2018.

On the most recent episode of KBS’s Mr. House Husband 2, former LABOUM member, Yulhee and her husband, Choi Minhwan of F.T. Island gave their friends some advice about marriage.

On this day, Yulhee invited some of her friends from middle school, and one of them mentioned, “When I ask Yulhee how it is to be married, she says it’s good, but she also tells me to get married later.

In response, Yulhee added, “It’s good to get married late, but I think it’s even better to never get married at all.

She then explained, “I think I’ve done pretty much all I wanted in life. But since you’re still in the process of doing things you want, I think getting married will make your hearts ache. And I think I’ll be sadder for you than how sad you were for me.

And Choi Minhwan, who was sitting right next to them, shared his thoughts by expressing, “My dream was to get married early. It can be hard in many ways, but when our child enters elementary school, Yulhee will still be in her 20s. Since we still have a lot of time, I want to make her live a much happier life in the future.

Source: Insight