Yuri Was Once Told To Bleach Her Skin For More Drama Roles– She Said F*** THAT.

She’s comfortable in her own skin.

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri has been defying traditional beauty standards ever since her successful debut in 2009.

Her gorgeous tanned skin has been the subject of many conversations. While some artists may feel pressured to take whitening supplements to look more like everyone else, Yuri is confident in her own skin.

In 2017, a drama stylist once suggested the idol Yuri use whitening products so that she could attract more drama roles. She explained how Yuri’s skin tone was “not competitive” and that few casting agents would take her.

Yuri did not give the suggestion any thought, explaining that she “likes [her] tanned skin.”

As an added piece of good advice, the singer-actress added that she “believes staying true to oneself is important.”

She’s a true idol!

Girls' Generation

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