ZE:A Dongjun and Actress Ko Sung Hee Were Rumored To Be Dating All Because Of This Variety Show

This variety show made people think these two stars were really in love!

ZE:A’s Dongjun and actress Ko Sung Hee were rumored to be dating after the two were seen as a lovey-dovey couple on the program Master Key.


In the episode, they were shown holding hands having the awkward, yet heart-fluttering first date conversation.

“Coffee… sounds good.” — Dongjun

“Yeah it does… the view is nice too…” — Ko Sung Hee


They both were very happy when they were paired together and the other stars on the show were jealous of the chemistry between the two.


Because of this, rumors claimed that the two were in a relationship, which all started from them being paired together on a variety show!


However, both stars’ agencies immediately denied the accusations and explained that they were simply close friends. The rumors of their love affair lasted for only 30 minutes!

Source: Osen