A ZEROBASEONE Member Is Turning Heads For Looking “Even More Handsome” After Debut

He’s always been stunning.

ZEROBASEONE is the newest rookie group making headlines!

Made up of the nine highest ranking contestants on Mnet‘s Boys Planet, each one has considerable charms that caught the hearts of the public.


One of them is gaining attention for looking even more attractive after debut. Meet Sung Hanbin, the leader of the group. In his first ever appearance on the show, he was called “classically handsome” by the judges.

Sung Hanbin

Now, after debuting with “In Bloom,” he’s looking better than ever! The public is being gifted with an endless stream of ZEROBASEONE content including photos and videos of Sung Hanbin.

Netizens gushed over him, saying that he’s “crazy attractive” and that “his features are sharp and pretty.” They agreed that he looks “even more handsome” after debut.

They noticed that after getting used to being in front of the camera, he’s now a professional at playing up his best angles and facial expressions.

His selfies are also great at emphasizing his captivating features.

The more one looks at Sung Hanbin, the more they fall into his charms!

His appearance was already top-tier, and they have only become even more breathtaking after debut.

Needless to say, he is quickly becoming one of the visuals in K-Pop to look out for.

Source: Pann