ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao Risks His Company’s “Disapproval” To Show Off Special Talent

“I might not be allowed to do this.”

After competing on Mnet‘s idol competition show, Boys Planet, earlier this year, nine trainee contestants earned their spots in the debut line-up of WAKEONE‘s fifth-generation K-Pop boy group, ZEROBASEONE.

Among the contestants was Yuehua Entertainment trainee Zhang Hao, who remained in the top five throughout the show, successfully earning a spot in the group with his first-place ranking during the show’s final episode.

ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao | Mnet

Now a member of ZEROBASEONE, Zhang Hao became the first member of the group to appear on soloist Lee Mujin‘s popular musical talk show, Leemujin Service, where he was able to display more of his individual talents.

On the show, Zhang Hao revealed he was attending China University of Geosciences before deciding to pursue music education. While preparing to test for his master’s degree, he received a casting offer and decided to pursue his dream of being a K-Pop idol, as an avid fan of K-Pop himself.

As an all-rounder, Zhang Hao is vocally talented, skilled in dance, and can play the viola, piano, cello, flute, and erhu.

Lee Mujin noted that many people are curious about the new boy group and its talented members. He wondered if Zhang Hao had any special talents he could demonstrate on Leemujin Service.

Instead of choosing to play an instrument, Zhang Hao pointed out that he could quickly flare his nostrils, but worried about what his company would think.

Zhang Hao stated that he “might not be allowed” to demonstrate his talent while seeking the go-ahead from Lee Mujin. The talented host assured the ZEROBASEONE member that his company could always choose to have the clip edited out of the video.

Zhang Hao ultimately showed off his unique skill, and Lee Mujin jokingly told him he should have his company edit it out to preserve his rookie idol image.

Check out the funny moment in the video below!