Zico and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun join list of BLACKPINK fanboys

Block B’s Zico and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun were seen calling the BLACKPINK members pretty and quite enjoying their performance at the Golden Disc Awards.

Zico and Jonghyun were sitting together in the artist’s section during BLACKPINK’s beautiful performance of “Playing with Fire” and  “Whistle”. When the screen flashed to a close-up of Jennie, Zico could be seen turning to Jonghyun saying, “[She’s] pretty,” and Jonghyun agreeing with, “[She’s] pretty pretty.” The two artists were clearly enjoying the music and also admiring the girls’ beauty.

Despite only having debuted a few months ago, BLACKPINK already has many idol fanboys and is well recognized for their talent and amazing visuals. Many male K-pop idols have been seen jamming to their hits such as BIGBANG, EXO, and BTS.

BIGBANG showing love to their label mates:

EXO could not stop themselves from dancing along to BLACKPINK:

BTS’ Rap Monster is seen jamming along as well:

That night YG Entertainment‘s newest girl group took home  the Rookie of the Year award and  had a spectacular performance. Check out their stage here!