Zico’s Thoughts on Pornography Resurface in Light of Tightened Government Control

In light of recent events in Korea, netizens are revisiting Zico’s opinion on pornography.

In light of the Korean government enforcing the prohibition of foreign pornography sites, Zico‘s past reveal of his thoughts on pornography has resurfaced in online communities.

Back in 2016, Zico appeared on MBC’s Radio Star where he confessed that he confidently leaves explicit videos on the background of his computer.

When one of the hosts, Kyuhyun asked, “I heard leaving explicit videos on the background of your computer is the trend these days. Is that why you’re so confident about it?” and in response, Zico said yes.

He followed this up by adding that he thinks it’s better to share what you’re into than to hide it. He said, “I don’t understand people who look negatively upon people who relieve their sexual urges through pornography.

He also added, “If they start restricting that method, people will relieve their urges in other ways.

Henry, who was also a guest of the show, agreed with Zico and added, “Wouldn’t there be more sexual assault cases if pornography gets banned?

What are your thoughts on this? Does Zico have a point?

Source: Insight