Zico rants about untalented singer-songwriters on twitter

Block B‘s ZICO is putting up flames on Twitter, ranting about those who claim to be singer-songwriters when they clearly don’t have the talent to be one.

In a rare show of aggression for a K-Pop idol, Zico seems to call out those who claim to be “singer-songwriters” when they aren’t really good at all. He writes in his tweet that anyone can create a song just by using a “MIDI” but that doesn’t necessarily mean a great product will be made.

“The term ‘singer-songwriter’ isn’t a word with much merit anymore. Anyone can write a song, and anyone can use a MIDI if they invest a few hours in it. The important thing is how good they are at it. But I’m not saying I’m good.”

— Block B’s ZICO

However, he doesn’t seem to aim this tweet at anyone in particular. He also ends his tweet by backtracking a bit, stating that he believes he’s not that good either. The tweet was also made at 3:13AM which may indicate it was not made with a clear head!