Zico says something unexpected during Award Speech

At the Seoul Music Awards, Zico gave a passionate speech promoting lesser known artists.

At the award show last week, the rapper and Block B artist won the best artist award for this phenomenal year packed with chart-topping hits. After taking to the stage to accept the award, he gave a humble speech encouraging fans to pay more attention to smaller idol groups.


After thanking everyone who helped him over the past year, he expressed his feelings about less popular artists:

“When I was looking at the stage I realized something. There are so many cool artists like me and these artists are artists that have what it takes to stand on stage and I respect their talents.
However, due to various factors – they don’t get the attention they deserve so please check these artists and groups out and become the first people to recognize their talents.”

– Zico

Zico has a history of using his stage time to promote new or less well-known singers. During his time as a judge on Show Me the Money 4 in 2015, he had an unusual habit of asking which group and company any idol rappers were from, even those that failed to proceed in the show. His aim was to give everyone the exposure they deserved and this sentiment remains important to Zico even now.

The past 12 months have been a huge success for the rapper. He topped the charts with songs such as “Bermuda Triangle” and “I am You, You are Me,” as well as selling out one of London’s most historic and prestigious music venues when he performed in the UK earlier this month.