ZICO Praised Park Kyung’s Work On “Yesterday” and Hinted At Letting Him Produce

ZICO highly praised Park Kyung‘s producing skills and has hinted at letting Park Kyung produce Block B’s next album instead.

On February 5, Block B performed their newest single, “Yesterday”, on their V Live stream. The song has been dominating the charts in Korea, ranking 1st on 6 charts in total: Genie, Soribada, BugsOlleh Music, Mnet, and Naver Music. The members of Block B all expressed their gratitude to Park Kyung, who wrote, composed, and produced their new song.

During their stream, Park Kyung revealed he was honored to receive so much praise and recognition for his work, and that he plans on continuing to work on writing and producing music in the future.

“Thank you for giving me such high praise for a song I worked on. I was very nervous and anxious about it. I will strive to show you better music in the future. Thank you.”

Block B Park Kyung

ZICO had primarily produced Block B’s songs before Park Kyung, but upon witnessing the extraordinary job Park Kyung did with the production of “Yesterday,” ZICO expressed that he wouldn’t mind bestowing his producer seat upon Park Kyung.

“I’m thinking of stepping down as Block B’s producer after “Yesterday”. Park Kyung did such a great job. I wonder what it would be for Park Kyung to work on our next album as the general producer.”

Block B ZICO

Members U-Kwon and B-Bomb also commended Park Kyung for widening the scope of Block B’s music with his producing.

Source: OSEN