Zoo Cafe, the Korean Café With Cute Animals

This themed café is designed that makes people feel like they are in a zoo, but with cute stuffed animals.

Zoo Coffee is a themed coffee shop that is designed, so visitors feel like they are having coffee inside the world’s softest zoo. Upon entering, guests immediately see stuffed animals scattered throughout the cafe. There are monkeys swinging from trees, giraffes that greet customers as they walk in, and tigers lounging around the registers.

There are tiger stuffed animals all over the café.


Want to drink coffee with a panda? You can!


The cafe offers a variety of items on their menu, like sandwiches, waffles, gelato, and even bingsu. If you’re not hungry, there’s also many options for different coffee drinks and teas.

These desserts were also available a few years back!

They off seasonal menus with incredible items!

There are also some insane food items, including an “American Hotdog” and these yummy looking waffles.

The American Hotdog sounds like an awesome experience.

This banana waffle dish is mouth-watering.

The theme overall is adorable and modern.


Other locations have their own sweet designs. This giraffe shelf is so cool. / Source: Zoo Coffee PH


Themed shops like Zoo Coffee are also popular in other countries. / Source: Zoo Coffee PH

This is a must see for travelers!

Zoo Coffee established itself in South Korea in 2009. There are also Zoo Cafes in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, and United Arab Emirates.

Would you like to visit Zoo Coffee?

Source: Rappler