Netizens react to Duble Sidekick’s newest girl group members

Even though they have yet to make their debut, netizens are already showing mixed feelings about Duble Kick Entertainment‘s upcoming girl group. 

After discovering trainees from Duble Sidekick‘s company Duble Kick Entertainment, netizens discussed their feelings about the upcoming group, which is said to be debuting next year. Because the group features members that were former trainees from other companies or former members of other groups, however, many netizens responded negatively to the group. The list of trainees that are expected to debut with the group can be found below:

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Heo Chanmi (former member of 5Dolls)
Birthday: April 6, 1992

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Choi Hee Jae (former Ensoul trainee)
Birthday: June 30, 1995



Nancy Jewel Mcdonie (former Nega Network trainee)
Birthday: April 13, 2000


Lee Hye Jin (former B2M Entertainment trainee)
Birthday: 1993

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Bin Haneul
Birthday: 1999


Kim Nayun
Birthday: 1998


Lee Dabin
Birthday: 1996

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  • Heol 5 Dolls Chanmi???
  • I was gonna say the girl looked a lot like Chanmi and it’s her!!!!
  • Chanmi ya!!!!!!!
  • Their visuals are pretty crazy
  • Wow Chanmi?
  • They’re all so pretty…

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