VIXX picks up 2nd win for “Dynamite” on Show Champion + Performances for April 27

Boy group VIXX took home their 2nd trophy for their title track “Dynamite” on the latest broadcast of Show Champion.

Aired on April 27th, VIXX was awarded their first Show Champion trophy and their second overall for their latest hit and unique track “Dynamite.” They took their first one home just the day prior on The Show.

Performers for the night included SEVENTEEN, VIXX, Yesung, Eunji, Hyosung, Park Boram, NCT U, HISTORY, U Sung Eun, Boys Republic, SNUPER, LABOUM, KNK, Astro, Cosmic Girls, Geum Jan Di and Two Star.

VIXX Encore

NCT U – Without You + 7th Sense

SEVENTEEN- Chuck + Pretty U

Eunji – Like the Wind + Hopefully Sky

VIXX – Dynamite

LABOUM – Journey To Atlantis

Park Boram – Dynamic Love

Boys Republic – Get Down

Cosmic Girls – Mo Mo Mo

U Seung Eun – Jealousy

Hyosung – Find Me


Kum Jan Di – Uncle Number One

Two Star – Friendly

KNK – Knock