1PUNCH debuts with “Turn Me Back” and “Nightmare” MVs

Hip-hop rookie duo 1PUNCH made their debut, releasing two music videos for title track “Turn Me Back” and intro song “Nightmare” on January 23rd from their debut single “The Anthem.”

The group is a special  collaboration between Brave Entertainment and D-Business Entertainment that seeks to recreate the 90s hip-hop tunes that revolutionized the hip-hop world in South Korea.

The two tracks come of the group’s digital single titled The AnthemDonning dreads, oversized clothes, do-rags, and Timberland’s 1PUNCH brings back the classic 90s feel in “Nightmare.”

With “Turn Me Back” the young duo show off their dancing and singing skills atop of their rapping, making them a triple threat. The music video for “Turn Me Back” offers great imagery of the New York skyscrapers, as well as yellow taxi cab covered in graffiti that really reminds you of the classic New York in the 90s.

Check out the two music videos below from rookie hip hop group 1PUNCH: