1PUNCH releases MV teaser to title track, “Turn Me Back”

Hip-hop duo 1PUNCH has officially released their faces to the public in their latest video teaser for their title track, “Turn Me Back,” published on January 22nd.

Wearing loose, hip-hop concept outfits, scenes of the duo atop a car as they groove to the track play as the words “2015 Idol” appear across the screen. Upon closer look in the teaser, the 1PUNCH members are much younger than expected, but talented nonetheless, the two sporting dreads under their hats and bandannas.

1PUNCH is expected to release their debut single, “The Anthem,” where they will re-interpret the popular 90s hip-hop movement, which can already be heard through their intro track, “Nightmare.” The single will be released on January 23rd at midnight KST.