2AM releases “Over the Destiny” MV

2AM has finally returned with their much anticipated 3rd album release Let’s Talk, and has released their title track’s music video “Over the Destiny”.

The video begins with the camera quickly drifting with shots of a barren ground, catching up to a running man as he hurries to catch his love. Despite being exhausted from all the running, he continues his trek across the barren field, items and furniture crashing down around him until he stops as a car falls down. Leaning on his knees, he spots a photo of himself and his lover. Emotional, he looks up just in time to see her fall from the sky as well, catching her just in time.

JYP Entertainment releases the music video on October 30th at midnight KST, and includes English translated lyrics for international fans to follow along to.

Check out the touching music video below!

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