2NE1’s Dara and WINNER’s Seungyoon teases for upcoming web drama “We Broke Up”

After much anticipation, YG Entertainment released two teasers for the upcoming web drama We Broke Up, which features 2NE1‘s Dara, and WINNER‘s Seungyoon.

Released on June 19th, two teasers were published, one focusing on Dara’s character, Noh Woo Ri, and the other focusing on Seungyoon’s character, Ji Won Young, as they each revealed how they felt about each other. Although their characters seem to be annoyed with each other, they both said, “We broke up, right?” with a sad expression.

We Broke Up‘s first script session took place on April 22nd where debuting models Kang Seung, Hyun Jang, and Ki Yong participated in the script reading along with Dara and Seungyoon.

Meanwhile, Dara will be playing the role of Noh Woori while Seungyoon will be playing the role of Ji Wonyoung where they will act as a couple who continues to live together even after a breakup.

We Broke Up is schedule to air its first episode on June 29th.