2PM’s Jun. K lends his voice and releases MV for movie “Red Carpet”

After finishing their “GO CRAZY!” promotions, 2PM remains busy as Jun. K lends his voice for Chansung‘s movie Red Carpet.

Utilizing his smooth vocals, Jun. K sings an OST for fellow 2PM member Chansung’s movie Red Carpet. Jun. K’s voice evokes emotion in the video, as a slideshow of the movie’s scenes play. He video of the song was revealed on October 29th.

Red Carpet, directed by Park Bumsoo, follows the story of an adult movie director Jungwoo (Yoon Kyesang) who dreams of working as a commercial director, and leads a film crew, with Chansung as their hardworking maknae. When Jungwoo meets Eunsoo (Ko Joon Hee), a commercial actress, his life goes onto a whirlwind adventure.

Red Carpet hit theaters in Korea on October 23rd.

In other news, 2PM announced they will be embarking on a U.S tour this November! Also, these two aren’t the only members who have been keeping busy; Nichkhun recently appeared as a boxing manager on Chinese show Brave Heart, and Taecyeon was seen on tvN‘s promotional poster for Three Daily Meals.

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