[★VIDEO] Acoustic live performance of Raina’s “You End, And Me” ft. TROY’s Kanto

On October 16th, 1theK uploaded a clip of After School‘s Raina performing an acoustic live version her newest song “You End, And Me”, which highlights the singer’s persuasive voice. 

The performance also featured Kanto of TROY, who takes on the role of Raina’s boyfriend for the song. Prior to the performance, Raina and Kanto provided the context for the song, giving the perspective of their respective characters:

Raina: “[I’m waiting for] my boyfriend. He’s five years younger than me. Regardless of age difference, we get along well. We never had a big fight but recently […] He told me he has something to say. I’m not sure but I feel like it’s not going to be something nice.”

Kanto: “I’m too lazy to go out […] She talks a lot and always tries to teach me, I think she sees me as a kid. I’m not sure, I think I’m kind of sick of her. I tried to show my feelings, I tried to be cold towards her.”

Raina give an emotional performance, even shedding tears towards the end of the song. You can watch the full performance, which is available with English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles, below.

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