Bob Girl’s Dahye releases cover video for Bobo’s “Late Regret”

Bob GirlsDahye uploads her newest cover of Bobo‘s “Late Regret”, further showcasing her amazing vocal abilities to fans and viewers.

Rookie group Bob Girls, who debuted back in June 2014 with their song “No Way,” has continued to keep their fans updated with new videos every week. Their weekly updates usually consist of Dahye singing covers to songs that display her vocal talent. Each week Dahye carries her microphone and lyrics sheet, ready to sing for her fans.

In the past Dahye sang multiple covers including Jessica Simpson‘s “When You Told Me You Loved Me” and Im Se Jun‘s “Don’t Go Today.” This week Daehye brings a new cover of Bobo’s “Late Regret.”

Through the calm and soothing song which grows to become more intense, fans get a taste of Dahye’s capabilities to reach high notes.

Check out her cover below!

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