BTS gives you a behind-the-scene look into “War of Hormone” MV and photo shoot

The Bangtan Boys recently released their new music video for “War of Hormones”, and are taking fans behind the scenes with this new video!

After finishing up their their first solo concert in Seoul, BTS surprised fans by releasing teasers for their follow-up promotional track “War of Hormones” off of their first full length album Dark and Wild. These teasers were followed by an immediate release of their new music video a day later!

ARMYs have been gushing about the boys’ new look with their different take of the “bad boy” concept.

In this behind the scenes look, the seven members share their thoughts on the unique set locations as well as the new concept. They also express how difficult it was to shoot the music video since it was taken with a one-shot technique! In addition, fans get to see what mischievous antics the boys were up to with their fun props and new outfits.

BTS will soon be setting off on their first Asia Tour this winter and will be taken “THE RED BULLET” to six different cities!

Check out the video below! What do you think of BTS’s new concept?

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