BTS screams crazy in “War of Hormone” dance practice

BTS unleashed their wild manliness in a new dance practice video for one of their hit title tracks “War of Hormone!”

With the song introduced in October last year, the original music video for “War of Hormone” invited nearly 12 million views on Youtube. Shortly after the track’s release, BTS uniquely went outdoors to film their first dance practice video for the song.

On June 5th, the second dance video recorded in their practice studio was revealed, showcasing an upgraded performance, likely during a practice session prior to their Episode II: The Red Bullet concert stop in Malaysia on June 6th.

A combination of random shouts and sound effects, exaggerated dance moves, butt-kicking and member interactions, the video was a fun one to watch, as the seven of them unleashed their energetic souls, probably after long tired hours of daily practice. While Rap Monster tried to keep a poker face throughout while not being to control the craziness of the younger kids, the leader also let loose himself with hilarious dance movements.

The last stop for their The Red Bullet world tour has been announced to be held in Hong Kong, although fans are also anticipating an encore concert back in Seoul afterwards.