Clazziquai Project release “Crave You” MV for upcoming film starring Chris Evans

Clazziquai Project have released the music video for their new song “Crave You” for the upcoming film Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool is told from the perspective of the narrator “Me” (Chris Evans) who enters into a platonic relationship with “Her” (Michelle Monaghan) and ends up falling in love even though “Her” is already engaged to another man.

Clazziquai’s “Crave You” mirrors the feelings of “Me” with lyrics about trying to persuade the heart of a lover who needs a little convincing. The music video plays scenes from the movie and shows “Me” and “Her” meeting, becoming friends, and “Me” struggling with the unrequited feelings he has developed for “Her”.

Playing It Cool will be released on October 23rd in Korea. Check out the video for “Crave You” below!