Davichi releases “Cry Again” MV + “Davichi Hug” EP

After much anticipation, Davichi has released their long awaited mini-album Davichi Hug, along with the music video for “Cry Again.”

As the plot of the music video proceeds, which takes place Budapest, Hungary’s Chain Bridge and other areas in the city, Kang Minkyung pursues of her former boyfriend, who coldly rejects her as he throws down a memorable necklace with her face in it. Lee Haeri shadows the couple, showcasing the singers’ close relationship as she gives comforting words to Kang Minkyung every time she is rejected the man.

After the third rejection, Kang Minkyung is unable to follow any further, her heart completely broken. Lee Haeri gives her comfort through a heartwarming hug as her friend cries in her arms.

Davichi’s latest mini-album features two title tracks, “Cry Again” and “Sorry, I’m Happy,” two differentiating songs with one emphasizing a breakup and the other highlighting love’s strength.

Davichi Hug was released on January 21st at noon KST, and is the first album release under their new agency, CJ E&M.

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