Epik High returns with “Born Hater” MV

The highly anticipated comeback of Epik High is here – they have released the music video for their track “Born Hater”! The video and track is a fun collaboration between Epik High and some of the most prominent rappers in Korea today.

Epik High is making a comeback this month with their album “Shoebox”. The album is garnering a lot of attention for the featured artists which includes Big Bang‘s Taeyang, Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko, Nell‘s Kim Jong Wan, Younha, Jay Park, Verbal Jint,WINNER‘s Mino, Beenzino, B.I., Bobby, MYK, TBNY‘s Yankie, and Roller Coaster‘s Cho Won Sun. They have also released their track list and have stated that they will be promoting two tracks from the album. Epik High is also gearing up for their first concert in 5 years on November 15th!

The music video for “Born Hater” features B.I, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, WINNER’s Mino and Bobby. Before even getting to watch the music video you can tell that the swag level is high. The video is very simple as it is shot in only two scenes and utilizes a unique style of taping by shooting the whole music video in a vertical style. The track has a steady beat that allows the rappers to incorporate their own rap styles in the song. This track is also not shy in censoring out any curses. Epik High and their featured artists seem to have a blast in the two bathroom scenes as they swat cockroaches, eat pizza, clean the bathroom, and read some adult material.

Make sure to check out the fun video below:


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