MAMA Staff Spotted Planting Reactions on EXO Members during TWICE’s Stage

The 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards staff carefully planned EXO‘s reaction to TWICE‘s performance, but Suho, Lay, and Sehun had a reaction of their own!

Idol reactions to other idols’ performances at MAMA and other award shows are exciting for fans and much anticipated. Idol reaction videos can go on to receive thousands of views and likes on social media. According to this recent video, however, those reactions may just be planned. MAMA’s staff was recorded instructing EXO how to react to TWICE’s 2016 MAMA performance. The staff members stood in front of EXO and instructed them to copy specific moves. There were three members of EXO, however, that were not eager to follow along! While the other members danced along and followed the instructions given by the staff members, Suho, Lay, and Sehun instead disregarded those instructions and simply watched the performance. The members have even received praise for staying still during the performance!

Watch the video below: