Fans horrified by photos and gifsof Lovelyz Mijoo’s hospitalizing injury

Lovelyz Mijoo recently suffered a accident while performing on the latest episode of KBS Music Bank, causing staff to rush her to the hospital. 

And while the Woollim Entertainment singer is currently recovering from what has now been revealed to be a ankle ligament injury, fans were horrified after seeing what had happened to her on stage. While performing the group’s latest song “Destiny,” Mijoo twisted her ankle after her the heel of her foot landed awkwardly on the ground. Despite finishing her performance like a true professional, fans noticed that Mijoo definitely looked affected by the injury, as she kept her face down and looked like she was in pain.

mijoo 1

mijoo 2

mijoo 3

mijoo 4

mijoo 5

mijoo 6

mijoo 7





Source: Pann, Instiz

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